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hi!! i am jade and i thought id make this so that i can answer everyones questions!

you can ask anything about me or my friends or my life!!

hehe! talk to you all soon! :)


16 November 11

my own!!! :D

i love them!!
but sometimes they get really itchy behind them!! :((

and thank you!! hehe :))

25 October 11

hi lil cal!!!
wow i had no idea you could type or talk or anything??

wait dave told me that youre evil

maybe i shouldnt talk to you

because dave wouldnt lie to me

and i really trust him!!

oh but youre so cute!!!
you wouldnt hurt anyone!! right??

i think daves wrong

youre too cute and nice to be evil!!!

Posted: 12:22 AM

thanks for 100+ followers!!!! :)


thanks everyone for 100+!!!
actually its 138 last time i checked!!


Posted: 12:15 AM

tavros and i are friends!!

i would never do anything to make him sad on purpose!!!
wait is this about how he felt flushed for me??

i still feel bad about that!!!
why would you bring that up?? you know i feel awful :(((


this tavros???

and this one??

i actually think tavros is over me!!!
hehehe :)))

24 October 11

oh anon!!!!
i am so flattered!! 

we have really different fashion sense so its impossible to answer that!!

but i really do love her style!!
maybe someday we have have a troll and human fashion show!! hehehe :))

and we can vouge!!

17 October 11

oooohhhh nooo… 

i am almost out of asks!!!! 

mind dropping a few in the ask box so i can answer them tonight?? :)))


15 October 11




i even hhave i phoooset with it


dave come on!!

it was weird once you started french kissing it in the corner!!

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Posted: 12:36 AM


when all the trolls and us met we had a celebration

dave and sollux started doing shots

and dave got drunk

and welllll

it didnt end very well

but in the end

i took it away from them.

14 October 11

i have noooo idea why no one will dance with me :((

i am actually an excellent dancer!!

and john taught me this one!!

he called it the sprinkler!
i think i am doing it right….

dave said its ironically cool so it has to be like… really really cool!! right?? :)

Posted: 11:30 PM


who wants to dance?

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh